Not all CI/CD pipelines are equal. We make 'shift left' an automated reality

We ensure our clients achieve DevSecOps enablement through continuous automated monitoring, analysis & reporting.

Common client challenges:


  • Invariably stakeholders & management don’t always have access to the right types & detail of information, to support decision making. This leads to uninformed decision-making, increased costs, reduced quality & project overruns.


  • Resources are retitled but not retrained, there is no uniformity in the way people work, leading to increased sprint deliverables, failed deliverables, & increased costs.


  • Multiple tooling plus a lack of integration & real-time reporting result in an inability to measure coverage, quality, the true cost of delivery & risks associated with what has not been tested. This becomes a breeding ground for legacy technical debt.


  • CI/CD pipelines are not correctly configured, not utilising automation correctly & not incorporating IAST, DAST & SAST into the build, this results in legacy technical debt, poor quality deliverables & increased costs.


  • Sprint constraints, lack of automation & traceability result in poor quality deliverables as alleged risk-based approaches are adopted without understanding the true risks & decision impacts.


  • A lack of integration & real-time reporting compounded with time constraints, confusion over accountability & process result in unauthorised deployments & increased costs.

Capacity & Financial Management

  • Not being able to track resource allocation efficiently due to process deviation & inefficient utilisation of the adopted change management tooling result in misleading capacity utilisation & misdirected financial investment.

Migrating from Agile to DevSecOps

  • Migrating from Agile to DevOps is a natural evolution progression, achieving this requires intricate planning, tooling migration, automation & seamless communication.

Our solution benefits:

Our solutions target the point of origination; sales, integrating CRM & SDLC systems to visualise completion demand management. Before items are progressed into any backlog, clients can see what is in the ideation phase (parking lot). They can model the true delivery cost & resource delta. This gives them a strong position, making informed decisions underpinned by facts.

We refine & unify processes, integrate tooling & automate quality decision gates, quality gates & workflows. 

Our solutions target:

  • Demand management.
  • Decision & quality gating.
  • Unified ways of working across teams, sales, product, design, scrum & operations.
  • Legacy debt identification & remediation.
  • Training support & mentoring.
  • Code design
  • Test design.
  • Legacy debt identification & remediation.
  • Training support & mentoring.
  • Automated CRM to ideation enablement.
  • Automated ideation to product backlog.
  • Automated capacity management & financial modelling.
  • Requirements design (epic, feature & user story construction) & their associated validation.
  • Architecture design & governance.
  • Automated Ci/CD pipeline enablement with fully integrated code & security vulnerability scanning underpinned by ‘shift left’ automated regression testing.
  • Test design to support automation, underpinned with a tool & application-agnostic framework that addresses functional, API, performance, security & mobile testing.
  • Bespoke tooling customisation.
  • Realtime staged management information.

From a security perspective we enable:

  • Secure infrastructure design / implementation.
  • Service hardening.
  • Continuous vulnerability scanning.

By incorporating:

  • Penetration testing.
  • Vulnerability assessments.
  • Bespoke deep dive testing solutions.
  • Threat modelling. 
  • Interactive & static application code analysis.
  • Bespoke integrated testing solutions.
  • Runtime application security protection. 
  • OSINT tooling.
  • Cyber threat investigations.
  • 3rd party intelligence feed aggregation.
  • Real-time incident response.


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We provide our clients with a fully integrated, automated build, test & deployment capability which includes IAST, SAST & DAST automated verification & validation.



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