Sanctions Screening Auto Elimination – Date of Birth

A growing trend in financial institutions is performing rule-based auto elimination on secondary attributes. So for example when we have a match on a name; but a mismatch on a secondary attribute such as date of birth, nationality, or location; then the match will be eliminated before a person looks at it. We at SQA […]

Version 6.8 of the SQA Screening Assessment Software – Sanctions Assessment Centre

SQA Sanctions Assessment Centre – is a software tool deployed as a service by SQA Consulting Limited to assess screening systems. First released in 2006 it is used by many financial institutions – from the biggest of global banking brands to small domestic firms – to benchmark capability and find vulnerabilities. Used as part of […]

ComplyAdvantage Conference Adverse Media

Very pleased to have been alongside HSBC on panel talking about Adverse Media at the ComplyAdvantage conference. Lots of good questions from the audience. The last question was the best I think: “Sanctions, PEPs, Adverse Media, which is the most important. To recap – they are all very important. Sanctions is the most important for […]

Screening For Vessels

Vessels are a part of the OFAC SDN and EU lists that continue to cause difficulties with efficiency, so lets have a deeper look into the vessels and what significance they have. There are currently (November 2019) 37 vessel names on the EU list, and 549 vessel names on the OFAC SDN list, clearly OFAC […]

Sanctions Screening & the Three Lines of Defence

The three lines of defence model is used in many organisations, but it isn’t used consistently, after all it isn’t a formal model with a precise definition, and its implementation is down to the knowledge and experience of the parties involved in each organisation. The three lines of defence does lend itself very well to […]

Screening Chinese Commercial Codes

Chinese Commercial Codes are a screening issue that has been around for a long time now, some firms have embraced them and provided extensive support for them, and others have done little or nothing. However, the risk of them varies hugely depending upon where you do your business. But first, what are they? Back in […]