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Knowing how your screening systems are performing is essential

The SQA sanctions screening assessment centre is a high-value tool that delivers an immediate understanding of how well your screening systems are performing, it can assist you in audit, tuning, or evaluating new products. It is easy & intuitive to use but does require a good knowledge of screening systems to get the most out of it. 

The sanctions screening assessment centre is available as a product, or as a service where SQA consultants perform the assessment on your behalf & deliver a detailed report of their findings.

Knowing how your screening systems are performing is essential for a compliance officer, your screening system will be producing alerts every day, but how can you tell if it is producing the right alerts, & how do you know if your efforts proportionate to your business risk & inline with industry practice.

The SQA screening assessment benchmark will tell you this, & our consultants will take you through the process of evaluating your systems against others.

Because we are only dealing with the hypothetical issues that would you hit if the person/company/vessel was present in your data, there are no data security issues – we do not need to see your data. A screening assessment can be performed entirely remotely, & with minimum impact on your team.

Many of the world’s biggest banking brands assess their screening systems with SQA, contact us to be put in touch with those who work with us constantly to ensure that their systems protect their business effectively & efficiently. If nothing else it will grow your network.


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Enabling financial institutions to measure & fine tune the effectiveness of their filtering systems.




The amount of money, resources and time a company chooses to invest in sanctions screening is a risk-based decision based on their perception of
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