automated alert processing

automated alert processing

Effective, efficient, consistent, & economical. The barriers to using automated alert processing are history

SQA Consulting’s automated alert service uses an expert system for the automatic adjudication of screening alerts. Using all of SQA’s technology it behaves as a very competent, very knowledgeable, & fantastically consistent first level analyst to remove all of the easier matches.

Highly suitable for any spikes generated by system changes, back book review, or slow build-ups; it cuts through alerts with a high elimination rate (typically 90-99%) & at high speed (typically greater than 50,000 alerts per minute), meaning you can try out multiple configurations & risk profiles.

This is real, we use it for OFAC disclosures, it is available now, & it is typically 30 times less expensive than manual investigation.

Our automated alert product the ‘Eliminator’ takes a holistic view of all of the alert information you can provide; personal names, company names, vessel names, IMO numbers, BICs, plane tail code, addresses, places of birth, nationalities, citizenship, social security numbers, passport numbers, phone numbers, dates of birth, death, registration, PEP inactive dates, RCA relationship strength, PEP seniority.

We even provide data augmentation from sources such as Companies House & OFAC.

The decision reached on your alert is fully articulated to provide evidence & an audit trail.

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Seamless automated solution provision instilling confidence underpinned by quality & expedience.



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