Alert eliminator

alert eliminator

The Alert Eliminator tool is an off-line alert decisioning tool that automates the normal process a manual investigator performs when looking at Sanctions, PEPs, & Adverse Media alerts reducing the burden on human resources & cost whilst improving efficiency where large amounts of alerts have been created.

The Alert Eliminator is an expert system, although it performs many intelligent looking processes it is not artificially intelligent, that stated it does perform a controlled, repeatable, auditable process.

The Alert Eliminator creates standard profiles of both the client & list data, normalising the data ready for comparison & analysis.  Data deduction processes cross pollinate data from different sections, reference, names, dates, URL’s, ID’s origin, location etc.

The rules engine contains filters that contain high sophisticated elimination algorithms that determine the value of the match. Each of these can be configured & weighted for each different type of alert: sanctions, PEPs, adverse media.

Millions of alerts will be dealt within just a few minutes.

The evaluation system considers all of the points raised by the rules engine & aggregates them to an articulated conclusion, each match is assigned a score, decision & risk.  Decisions are imported back into the original matching system, or for further processing & residual manual investigation.


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Reducing the burden on human resources & cost whilst improving efficiency, accuracy & quality.




Politically Exposed Person’s (PEPs), Sanctions and Adverse Media alerts all require rationale to explain whether an alert is a false positive, true match or if further information is required. Investigators will normally
The consensus when investigating financial crime alerts for individuals, is to close all alerts where the date of birth is more than 2 years
The 3rd of December 2020 saw the introduction of the 6th AML Directive into European law, with implementation of those regulations for all organisations

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