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Operational Acceptance Testing

Operational Acceptance Testing ensures that all the non-functional aspects of a system are tested to ensure that the system is within the specified parameters. The original requirements of the project are examined and testing to ensure these requirements are being met is undertaken. Load and performance tests that assess the ability of the system to operate at the desired levels are performed and results collated and presented in an easy to understand format.

The ability of the system to perform reliably and to recover from problems is also tested. Backup recovery and data integration tests are performed to test that system data is recovered properly. The contingency plan for disaster recovery is tested and implemented to test that the system can recover effectively. The supportability of the complete system is also tested.
Also within the umbrella of Operational Acceptance Testing, non-functional testing disciplines such as Soak and Penetration Tests are conducted. SQA Consulting has the technical expertise and experience to fulfil these all these testing requirements.

How can SQA Consulting assist you?

SQA Consulting are a leading specialised, independent software and systems testing company and have been actively involved in Operational Acceptance Testing projects for companies ranging from start-up to blue chip in many market sectors.

  • SQA Consulting has accrued a wealth of knowledge of software testing experience that is available for customers to exploit
  • SQA Consulting uses a structured approach to identify weaknesses in disaster recovery and backup implementation as part of OAT and can help understand which areas will cause the most defects and problems in the business application
  • SQA Consulting has extensive experience as acting as mediators between users, developers and third party vendors
  • We can plan dress rehearsals
  • We can prepare 'live proving'

To see how this service might help your organisation, please fill out our contact form or email and enter OAT in the subject field.