About Us

SQA Consulting Limited are experts in quality assurance, software testing, Microsoft development and compliance screening.

SQA Consulting helps its clients achieve important business outcomes by:

  • assuring all aspects of the software development lifecycle
  • ensuring that screening for economic sanctions and politically exposed persons is effective and that regulatory compliance is being achieved
  • building new and improving existing quality assurance and testing capabilities
  • providing test managers and consultants to design and lead QA on important programmes and projects
  • coaching and training client personnel in all aspects of quality assurance, software testing and sanctions screening
  • providing managed test services
  • licensing our toolset for clients to effect their own data management, economic sanctions screening, and customer profiling analyses
  • building bespoke data analysis tools
  • improving data quality

Typical problems that we resolve for clients include:

  • non-compliance (or risk of non-compliance) with money laundering, anti-terrorism and data management laws and regulations
  • delayed or failed software releases
  • software products failing in live for internal or external clients
  • system developments going over budget and over time
  • reputational harm from poor quality software products and services
  • Microsoft application retirement, replacement, development and enhancement

Mergers, acquisitions, divestment, nationalisation, financial scrutiny, regulatory and business compliance, and global terrorism, now require the aggressive adoption of risk management strategies and actions, to ensure the success of each business-driven, technology solution.

SQA Consulting’s contribution to mitigating risk is significant, enabling clients to guarantee the functionality, performance, and scalability of critical business applications and supporting technology infrastructure whilst mitigating financial & reputational risks . We educate our clients so they can be self-sufficient in these efforts, or we will execute QA activities for them, ensuring that service level and financial management objectives are achieved.

SQA Consulting is a company who embraces the concept of a shared risk – shared reward partnership and who are interested in talking in terms of business outcomes and results not just technology.

Our clients are global and operate in a wide range of sectors worldwide, including investment and retail banking; insurance; information technology and telecommunications; government; law; energy; retail; and healthcare.